Enterprise Workloads Expected to Continue Cloud Migration

If you had any doubts as to whether the enterprise is embracing the public cloud and cloud migration in general, a report out by Cisco earlier this year provides clarity that the enterprise is embracing the public cloud and the applications running on them. In Cisco’s most recent market analysis of the cloud industry, they claim that within three years, more than three-fourths of all data center traffic, 83 percent, will be based in the cloud.

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What is a Cloud?

Colleagues and family members ask me all the time what the cloud is. In some cases, they offer up their own amusing idea of what the cloud means to them. I have heard that the cloud is nothing more than the modern day mainframe. In other circles I hear that the cloud is a fancy name for virtualization. While there may be some correlation to these concepts and what the cloud is, I thought it would be a good idea … Read more