Leadership Insight: Getting to Know Those You Lead

Early in my career, I learned a valuable lesson about many of the dynamics involved with leading and motivating individuals that are part of a team.  I was in a leadership role and managed a team of nine team members who were all consultants for an IT consulting firm.  These individuals were spread out across the US and stayed consistently busy and fully utilized which is always a good thing in a consulting organization.

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Do you have the right mix of talent for your large IT project?

This morning I wanted to reflect on some of the observations I have made over the years in my consulting career, I felt it was appropriate to address an issue that I have observed over and over again on multiple engagements.  It is a subject that I feel is utterly important to recognize early on in a project or else issues may begin to weigh down the success of a large project or program.

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Speaking up When There Are Resourcing Challenges on Projects

Colorful Project Plan

Yesterday as I was sipping my coffee and catching up on the morning’s business headlines I had a reflective moment.  Recalling all of those projects I have been on when there were resourcing challenges on a strategic project.  Typically there is a disconnect between the scope and the funding for the program.  One area that is typically underfunded is resourcing.  This is in stark contrast to the other challenge that we face as leaders; not having the right mix of talent.

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