The Viability Of Smart Home Appliances For The Near Future

The meaning of comfort is changing, whether you live alone or with other people and the new essence of home is a connected home in which all your day to day devices can be controlled by via the wonderful thing known as the internet. Major technology companies like Phillips and Google have already entered the race but the question is whether this investment offers a viable concept for sustainable sales for the years to come or will it dwindle into nothing.

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Home Comfort Appliances- A Worthwhile Investment?

Home Comfort Appliances

Being a homeowner myself, I can understand the desire to cut expenses wherever possible but it is just as important to move with the times. Connected homes, where smart devices are continuously supplying information to your phone via the internet, are slowly finding their way into the lives of the average homeowner. Home comfort appliances, such as a smart thermometer or a smart juicer, can cost upwards of $700.  Even given these high costs,  at least one of these devices can now be found in homes even though some people have not entirely embraced them.

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Essentials Of The Connected Home

The connected home is a small look into the future. It is about connecting a series of smart devices which are going to carry out functions like automatically starting the coffee maker, operating the burglar alarm, alerting you if there’s excess smoke and telling you if the food in your fridge is past its consumption date. Of course, these functions are not necessary for a home owner, but home comfort appliances and the concept behind them is to redefine what you consider necessary and to make your life easier.

There is now an increasing movement towards smart technology and connectivity in home appliances so that people can have greater comfort and accessibility than ever before. Although the trend has only been around for the last couple of years it is already making waves; so much so that the multi-billion dollar giant Google was lured into buying the smaller tech genius Nest which makes home comfort appliances like the Nest Protect which is a smart smoke detector.

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