What is With This Social Media Craze Anyway?

So as most of you who follow my blog know, I do not write much about the social network space at all on my blog. With that being said, I just my start dabbling in writing about some of the aspects that intrigue me about the social networking space, or in some cases astound me. Take for instance, Facebook (quite a company to start off with I know). Facebook is an amazing story, err, company. There has been a movie … Read more

The State of Systems Management in 2010

Analyst looking at systems management screen

2009 was a rebuilding year for the big four systems management vendors; BMC, CA, HP, and IBM.  After the acquisitions of the last several years, the big 4 spent 2009 shoring up their monitoring and systems management frameworks to support the initiatives beginning to take shape such as IT Service Management, driven by the release of ITIL v3.  Furthermore, concepts such as cloud-based computing and SaaS (software-as-a-service) highly dynamic infrastructures are starting to catch the eye of these vendors, especially … Read more