Large Enterprise Workloads Expected to Continue to Migrate to Cloud

Cloud computing and computer networking concept

If you had any doubts as to whether the enterprise is embracing public cloud, a report out by Cisco earlier this year provides clarity that the enterprise is embracing the public cloud and the applications running on them.  In Cisco’s most recent market analysis of the cloud industry, they claim that within three years, more than three-fourths of all data center traffic, 83 percent, will be based in the cloud.

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Leadership Insight: Getting to Know Those You Lead


Early in my career, I learned a valuable lesson about many of the dynamics involved with leading and motivating individuals that are part of a team.  I was in a leadership role and managed a team of nine team members who were all consultants for an IT consulting firm.  These individuals were spread out across the US and stayed consistently busy and fully utilized which is always a good thing in a consulting organization.

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